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After nearly 25 years of sharing helpful information for goat raisers—especially beginners—the goatwisdom web site is shutting down. When started, it was about the only online resource for the novice. Now there are a number of excellent sites (see below).

The final day will be about December 22, 2020. Before then, feel free to print any of the pages that may be important to you.

The goatwisdom Message Board ( will still be available indefinitely.

I want to thank all the many folks who have helped with pictures, suggestions, questions and comments.

Finally, as always, I encourage everyone to "give a kid a goat" at Heifer International ( This is a trusted charity which provides various types of livestock to deserving families throughout the world.  Remember that the Cares Act provides deductions for some charitable giving for 2020 even when using the standard deduction.

Recommended Resources:

  Tennessee Meat Goats (

  Merck Veterinary Manual (

  Goat-Link (

  Pipestone Veterinary Services (

  Maryland Small Ruminant Page (

  Cornell Diagnostic Tool (

 (I'm sorry, but am having trouble coding for the links. Maybe later.)

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Heifer Project International

Give a kid a goat. goatwisdom strongly supports Heifer Project International.

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